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Located in Valley City, North Dakota, we serve a 100-mile radius around the city. We specialize in directional drilling, wastewater systems, and utility excavation. If you have a project, you need done right, contact our team.

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Moritz Excavating FAQ

Utility excavation involves the careful digging and preparation of trenches to install or repair essential utilities like water, gas, and electrical lines. It’s crucial for construction projects as these utilities are the lifelines of any building, ensuring functionality and safety.

Wastewater system installation ensures proper disposal and treatment of sewage, maintaining environmental health and compliance.

We adhere to local regulations, obtain necessary permits, and implement industry best practices to ensure legal compliance and environmental responsibility.

Horizontal drilling allows utilities to be installed beneath obstacles with minimal surface disruption, making it ideal for urban areas or sensitive landscapes.

Contact us for further inquires. min. 134 ft- depends on project.