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A Family Excavation Company Since 1981, with over 40 years of Experience.



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Starting Small & Dreaming Big

Moritz Excavating was started by Jack Moritz in 1981 with a 1976 model backhoe, truck, and trailer. Jack was working in trucking and had recently started a family, so he wanted to work more locally. Things didn’t exactly take off as expected though. In his first year, the banks wouldn’t loan him money and he found himself doing all sorts of jobs to provide for his family. 

He got his first job fixing leaks for Barnes County Water but still needed to do more. This led to odd jobs like pulling trees for $50/tree. Through all this hard-work, grit, and smart investments in machinery, Jack was able to land a phone company contract digging trenches for cables. He has now been working with them for 35 years and this proved to be his breakthrough moment.

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A New Generation with the Same Goals

In 2010, Tony, Jack’s son, started working for the company full time after graduating from mechanic school. With Tony’s help and decades of quality work, the company has grown to an entire fleet of machines allowing for specialized utility construction services. By building strong relationships with local utility companies, we are now operating with a 100-mile radius of our headquarters. At 73, Jack is still working 10 hour days alongside his son Tony and isn’t showing signs of slowing down.

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Strong Principals Turn into Great Results

Our company was built on a few principals that have remained the same for over 40 years.
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No matter the weather, project, or time of year, we work hard to get your job done on time and on budget.
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Great People

We take great pride in knowing our team is composed of great people that enjoy what they do and care about the end result.

Fair Pricing

We know the value our service provides and offer accurate, fair, and stable pricing so you get the best value.

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Are you looking for a job with a competitive salary and rewarding work?

Moritz Excavating FAQ

Utility excavation involves the careful digging and preparation of trenches to install or repair essential utilities like water, gas, and electrical lines. It’s crucial for construction projects as these utilities are the lifelines of any building, ensuring functionality and safety.

Wastewater system installation ensures proper disposal and treatment of sewage, maintaining environmental health and compliance.

We adhere to local regulations, obtain necessary permits, and implement industry best practices to ensure legal compliance and environmental responsibility.

Horizontal drilling allows utilities to be installed beneath obstacles with minimal surface disruption, making it ideal for urban areas or sensitive landscapes.

Contact us for further inquires. min. 134 ft- depends on project.